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About us Imoti BG Ltd. Bulgaria Sofia Estate Agents Bulgaria Real Estate Agent

За НасIMOTI BG Ltd is a dynamically developing company in the field of consultation services - offering to its clients a full extent of consultations, management, juridical and marketing analysis of supply-and-demand on the market of real estates.

IMOTI BG Ltd is specialized in management and realization of foreign and Bulgarian investments. Its competence and reliability are based on analytical approach and study of any specific conditions on the market of real estates. Among its clients there is a considerable number of foreign companies having interests on the territory of Republic of Bulgaria.

The indisputable authority of the company is due mostly to professionalism, non-standard and individual approach toward clients and dynamic availability of the team of IMOTI BG Ltd. Its personnel consists mostly of young ambitious specialists with higher education who keep up the spirit of the company by offering to its clients completely and precisely elaborated market analysis, by mediating in effectuation of transactions and by providing – for their clients - guarantees for protection of their interests. The team counts on good and extended language training as well as on competence in the field of legislation of Republic of Bulgaria and with respect to the legal systems of other countries. These qualities allow the company to effectuate consultation and mediation activities in favor of foreign physical and juridical persons.

The team is entirely trained to cope with the nowadays trends, qualified to use all kinds of means of modern communications, constantly improving its capacity for dialogue with clients by direct and indirect contacts.

The secret of our company consists in:

  • Exceptional reliability in providing information and good selection;
  • Professionalism and confidence;
  • High quality attendance including after a transaction is concluded.

IMOTI BG Ltd – beside on its employees - counts also on an associated group of consultants: economists, jurists, architects and others available correspondingly to specific interests of the company's clients.

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Агенция Имоти BG предлага 63 имоти за продажба и 23 имоти за наеми, продава, отдава, наема